Sandwich 2

I ate a tasty sandwich for my night snack. It was a sliced hardboiled egg with may on rye crisp bread topped with chives. It was soooo good!

What do put on your sandwich? Huh?

I had a chicken, bacon and brie sandwich myself today.

Egg white , ham and cheese sandwich

I did not have a sandwich today. :slightly_frowning_face:

I had a turkey one yesterday though! (Or was it the day before…?) :grin:

Had a bit of blue cheese left over so made myself some bacon and eggs and slapped that cheese on top of toast.

Slice o potato bread, then slice o turkey,
then cheese,
then turkey,
then cheese…
then turkey.
Then the other slice of potato bread.
Two of those have been my lunch at work for the last… uuuhhh, year? ish?

Eggsalad sandwiches, can’t beat those.

Just look at those beauties.


I’m surprised to see the amount of poulty-related products, eggs, chicken/turkey, etc.

However, you guys really got me longing for a new sandwich. I’m thinking of making something with mayo and celery…

That’s a yummy lookin’ stack

I made one with two slices of bread, mayo, Herrgård cheese, mustard and a fried egg squished between.

Kept me full throughout the night.

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Gaze upon my creations ye mighty, and weep.

Behold! The Toast Sandwich

That thing is a crime against taste.

However, I just had a swedish teacake with tubed jalapeño cheese, so what the hell do I know.