Question for y'all! (Involving perskins.)

I’m still somewhat hesitant to use other folks’ perskins in anything I make; I wanted to ask if those who have them (and allow them to be used by other members of the community) for just some general info on the characters. Just basic personality and quick backstory stuff, also what name should be used for the character etc. If it’s not too much trouble of course.

As far as Dergi goes, there isn’t much to his personality: he’s just a very odd, socially awkward dude. Sometimes he misses the most obvious of clues, sometimes he picks up on things faster than other people do: he’s quite inconsistent and clumsy.

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Honestly, I don’t know:


I guess Hunter just does whatever the story/image calls for…

Mine are practically an artical worth to explain them all, as they all exist concurrently, sort of.
Apologies for the wall o text:

Theyre all “Gobo” but i started referring to them by specific names,
Goob - the guy with chainmail,
Cobo - the Ranger guy
Gobo - the bald one

The whole point of my personal comic has kind of evolved to explain the three as they become my current one, the old guy in blue. Ive yet to name him properly so hes just “Gobo” for now. Of he is present, none of the others can be, as they are a part of him. So if they appear, theyre not physically present, theyre just in his head.

Goob, in general, is supposed to be naive, cheery and optimistic. Basically a goofball.

Gobo is crass, blunt and realistic, but still emotionally driven, often fails to take logic into consideration.

Cobo is basically the polar opposite; distant, thoughtful and guarded.
He tends to avoid conflict where Gobo tends to cause it, and Goob merely revels in it.

The blue guy im still thinking over, but broad strokes on him are “tired yet contented.”
Like a kindly old grandpa with a holstered pistol. Still capable, but understanding that most things can be resolved diplomatically.

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I’m with you, Hunter! It’s just a perskin, something to use on the Gmod server for me.

However, someone did point out that the skin looks like a vague image of someone from eastern Europe, and thus I made this comic, where he’s basically an annoying Bulgarian guy.

But really, write him whatever way you see it fit for your story!


Thanks for the replies all!

I’ve checked in the perskins thread and some of the links don’t seem to be working anymore unfortunately. Though if any of you have them uploaded as a add-on on the workshop that would be better as I have a hard time getting things to work manually for some bizarre reason.

Thanks @George_Stukas for having yours on the workshop, btw! Also I love that comic. :joy:

Thanks, that might be the best comic I’ve ever made.

And folks: upload stuff to the workshop: it’s just easier that way. And besides, it’ll be around forever then!

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I should probably figure out how to upload to the workshop ^^;

Yus! Then I can use the Gobo model! :laughing:

All four of them! :open_mouth:

holy wackaradoodle it is Gobo from scratch!!!1!! :open_mouth:

No, that would be my friend Riddle of Lightning from a while back.

Odd this got posted in again; but it actually reminds me I need to write some rules for the use of my character in other people’s comics. (And no, no one has annoyed me with what they’ve made so far! I’m just worried about future stuff, haha.)

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I am posting here to take over every recent thing in the forums muahaha