Petfe's Shorts: Outfitting

You thought it was a map, but it was this! A comic!
Although yes, I did make a shitty reskin of the FP office – but that is not important right now.

Get to reading already.


Oh dear God that was funny, ahahhaha
I love all the details in the background,
it’s a bloody madhouse!

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I bloody love this! (Such a shame we couldn’t get the model to look right. >.<) But seeing my character put into other folks’ comics is so awesome. O.O I love how you have the dimensional door closing behind her. ^^ Also the expressions are great!

Also Petfe… you’re giving me mad-scientist vibes. :rofl:

I want to also take the time here to thank @Yukon for trying to get the model to work with the head; I really appreciate it and I’m sorry about the wasted time.


very nice! loved the mad scientist look


Good posing and good use of lamps man.

I don’t see someone els mentioning this so I’ll say it, the text that’s just outside the speechbubbles is a REALLY nice touch man. It’s a good way of having a bit more text, but without having to make the bubbles bigger.

The only feedback I can think of right now Petfe, is for you to add on the first panel of you comics “by Petfe”. I think it’s a shame to not have your name on your work.


Oh but I do have my logo in there.

I don’t like sticking my name in there too, someone might use this as evidence against me in the future.

Thanks for your feedback, mate.
I always appreciate it!

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If you aren’t going to put your name in there I’ll put mine in there and sue you for stealing my comic!