No Parking - Episodes 1-4


Hi all! Jus to let you know, I have zero background or experience with comics or webcomics, as is probably obvious. So why now? Don’t ask me, I’ve no idea! For some reason, I got to downloading GMod a week back, just to see it again after many years. As soon as I downloaded a random map to explore - Snowy Isolation - a scenario started forming in my head. Before I knew it, I had a full blown sitcom in my head demanding to be unleashed.

The world of NO PARKING is best described as HL2 ‘adjacent’. That’s to say, the characters are not the same as the ones in HL2 but they do sometimes retain certain characteristics, sometimes. And though it starts out rather tame, just to get to know the characters, things will get crazy later on, I promise!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. And I hope I’m doing the right thing here, posting the first few existing episodes in one thread. Didn’t want to clog up the forum. Enjoy!






Man became part vort,
neat trick :open_mouth:


I’m hooked - it’s just like reading a fresh comic back in ’07 - reminds me of the somewhat gallows-y humor used in the Banner

Do you have a background in graphics or something? The overall layout/font design is perfection. It’s so slick, marketable and tells you instantly what you’re in for. Nice writing and characterization too.

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Aw, thanks, you’re too kind! To answer your question, I’m self taught in the usual Adobe tools and have been around them far longer than I care to admit. I would never call myself an expert but I’m more than comfortable around a copy of Photoshop. I also did my own study of type (something I always advice any who’s even vaguely interested in design).

The rest is just trying to remember/work out how comics actually work, mostly from dredged up memories. I’m far less experienced in GMod and have zero knowledge of HL2 modelling. Which is a pain because there are certian models I’d love to create for the comic, but that whole process looks nightmarish.

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Well I’m invested in this story now. Keep up the good work!

Also Gerald is already my favourite character, no particular reason of course. :rofl:

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Thanks! And don’t worry, Gerald has many upcoming… storylines.