No Parking - Episode 9.5



I’m feeling quite sorry for Brian right now. XD

I wanna say what happens to him next but… Must resist!

Probably for the best. :laughing:

That being said I’m one of the crazy people who need to know spoilers like right away. :sweat_smile:

It’s tempting but no spoilers here!

I love donuts. Larry and Garry seem like decent blokes. But to whom does that third coffee mug belong?

Nice editing! Motion blur looks good, and I like the colored incremental AAAAAAA

No mystery, just one of their discards. Larry likes to keep a tidy roof but Garry doesn’t always make that easy. Cheers!

And here I was thinking it belonged to Barry.

lol Finally, someone said it! Don’t even start me on the moment I realised I’d tripped over that particular consonance without realising… For better or worse - Harry, Larry, Garry - they’re all stuck with those names. No take-backs!

Mind you, I’m a little sad no-one pointed out that Garry’s dreaming about donuts whilst being surrounded by tyres. You know, the big donut-shaped tyres…

Or did that joke sink wihout trace?

Reminds me of that Strong Bad episode where it gets so out of hand that the guy on drum’s name is Mary Limozeen