No Parking - Episode 8


I think Brian should listen to Gerald more often… but saying that, I think the pet antlion could still be a good idea if trained correctly. :laughing:

Possibly. I’m just not sure Brian’s ‘firm hand’ is quite enough.

Sit boy, SIT!
glorious fun

Thanks! Just because something tickles my brain - like Brian’s hubrus getting him into trouble with an antlion - it doesn’t necessarily mean others will feel the same way. Also, Brian has hubrus up the eyeballs!

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Less walkies, more flyies!

Ah, eveytime I see a new episode of Nø Parking I know it’ll. Be a good day. And this didn’t disappoint!

”Bobby is god’a strange little child” lol

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Thanks a lot, the feedback makes the effort more than worth it. This one took longer than usual because frankly, I was dreading posing an ant-lion. Actually not that bad in the end.

I’ve seen people pose them in sfm,
I usually avoid them for the same reason.
Them and the guardians are a nightmare to pose for me, even with ragdoll mover.