No Parking - Episode 7


(typo fixed)


Well I thought Larry’s fancy name was good. :rofl:

Agreed! Just a bit too much for his pal… er, Garry!

I think it’d be fine, as long as Garry doesn’t make any… modifications…

In all seriousness though, does it ever get confusing if C420 and C1138 (I just realized that they’re references, nice!) go to any of the cities? Like, can they mistakenly take the train to C54, thinking that they’re going to Laos only to end up at some fellow Combine soldier’s house? Or is the C-designation an official Valve thing?

Not to give too much away but if anyone could get on the wrong train, it’s Larry and/or Garry. The ‘C’ thing was just something that felt appropriately joyless and dystopian. I don’t actually know what designations the Combine are meant to use. Except I’m pretty sure it’s not Percival.

Pure silliness, I love it!