No Parking - Episode 5

New/fixed version below.

That was fantastic, hahaha,
Love the use of the hi-def models mixed with the absence of finger-posing, perfect charm.

Ah, you got me! Yes, I was a bit lazy with the hands. I was hoping that ‘default’ was better than ‘bad’ in most cases. It probably wouldn’t be a terrible idea to take a minute and build a basic library of hand poses for future use. Also, I’m uploading an updated #5 fixing an obviously missing time-transition in the last panel. slaps hand


Good stuff! You hadn’t needed the transition - your editing and choice of shots are smooth as they are. So don’t worry too much about stuff like that, it’s implied in your sequence of shots already!

Also, have you read the old Gmod comic The Banner here on Metrocop?

No, I poked around this site last week, just to see what the current scene looked like but I don’t think I read The Banner. I take it you recommend that one?

Great stuff! There’s something hilarious about seeing Breen working on the APC. XD

I didn’t want to mention the hand-posing thing, as it’s not an issue with most of the panels, but G-Man’s model is very obvious with his briefcase hand as it clips. I probably only notice this though as I’m so used to posing him. Haha.

Do you know, I hadn’t even noticed that! lol Gerald deserves better!

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I just gave The Banner a read - great stuff! I love the central character, he’s horrible but you love him. Thanks for the recommend.

Indeed! :laughing: But yeah, I get so annoyed I have to use the finger poser so much when working on animations in gmod because he doesn’t default to actually holding the briefcase. :weary:

You’d think, wouldn’t you? Because I obviously did.