No Parking - Episode 12



Now I’m wondering what the heck ‘barnbowl’ is… I have a feeling it has something to do with… barnacles? XD Also I see quite a few other characters in the crowd there!

Gotta say though… my brain really messes with me when I see Gerald say things like “Most stimulating.” and “I’m getting… excited.” Because I just imagine it in G-Man’s voice and… :flushed:

I still feel sorry for Brian right now. :laughing:

No spoilers but… yeah!

Wow! You knocked it out of the park with this one (no pun intended): the editing, the scripting and especially the pacing!

The buildup there when Gerald and Nikolas were getting tickets had me on my seat - what were they buying tickets for?? I guess we still don’t really know, but I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Also, is that Brian a reskin of a model? Or is that just some damn fine editing?

Red Lion Bar, snow… is this Gothenburg, Sweden?

Oh I forgot to ask; I see the Eli and Kleiner models there, are they going to be named characters at some point?

Thanks! That was a lot of work, all to sell that one last panel. But at least it did end matching the visual I had in my mind. But a return to the simpler format beckons! And no, not skill, that poor old Brian is a skin from the Workshop. Quite the lucky find!

No spoilers. But yes.

This has been a really fun series thus far, lookibg forward to more of it hahaha

I’m glad! You can only go with what makes you laugh, cry or whatever and hope it lands with others too.

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Honestly this series is really great! (And no I’m not just saying that because of Gerald, haha.) I try to read every part as soon as it comes out (when I notice it!).

But I have a request… XD Never give Gerald a love interest or my heart will be broken! :sob:

Also sorry I keep asking spoiler-like questions. :sweat_smile:

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Well that’s lovely to hear, thank you. As for Gerald… We don’t do spoilers here - as you know! - and I can’t make promises because I take the attitude of following the characters where they need to go. But I think you’ll be OK, at least for the foreseeable future!

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I understand. XD I don’t expect you to reply with spoilers anyhow; honestly I do just think aloud often, haha. So apologies for any really random comments! :rofl:

Don’t worry, it’s great that someone’s interested. Listen, I’d love to share the upcoming characters and plots - only because they make me laugh and smile. But that’s also my motivation for writing the comic. I’m not being mean, I just need to keep it stashed away under lock and key, so to speak. Otherwise there’ll be no comic! lol

No worries! Completely understandable, haha.

I love this series. It really reminds me so much of the comic series from the old days, and I mean that in the best possible way. It feels like a modern and wholly original spin on those. Keep it up!

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Dude, those are some nice pages. The only feedback I can give you, is that in the 4th page, the panel with the characters gasping could be bigger. It’s unnecessarily small.

Last page, in terms of aesthetic, is my favorite. Mainly because the buildings are at an angle, but so is the character, and they form this V shape. Inverted colors on page 3 were also a nice touch.

Congrats on your continued improvement.