No Parking - Episode 10


That acronym though… :laughing:

Also not sure if they should trust Sam… just… a hunch.

But he’s so positive!

Oh, I had a try at one of those cast/group pictures. No sniggering at the back, there!


Wait, so intern purging isn’t a regular thing for you guys?

That’s really good! XD But yeah… that name. :sweat_smile:

It’s a perfeclty legitmate acronym!

I can’t talk for others; but it is a regular thing in the interdimensional offices of the Employers. So this doesn’t seem too strange to me. :crazy_face:

Who the heck chose it is my question. :sweat_smile:

A Combine who doesn’t like beaurocrats?

pffffft! Bureaucracy is great.

Tell that to the mayflys…

That was a gaggle of laughs, i like oh the previous comic is on the monitor for effect lol

I’ll take that and well spotted!

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Ah yes! Office life, my favorite topic for cynical comics. This is some good stuff yo, interesting to see how you’ll tie it together to the other stuff.

I love red suits face (maybe you could add names on the cast pic) in the first three frames. It’s like he trying to pick a fight with Evelyn… or as if his hemorrhoids are acting up.

Thank you, and I’m so glad someone pointed that out! That’s Joe, he’s in charge of HR and also a martial arts obsessive. And I know you’re not supposed to praise your own comics but I love the way Joe is aggro’ing the shit out of every panel for absolutely no good reason!

The other character here is Victor, the boss. You could say that Victor likes to keep Joe close like an unnoffical bodyguard. And you could say that Joe completely overdoes it everytime!

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He seems like a guy who has low self esteem and does a passable job of trying not to let it show. His facial expression says it all.

He’s more on the narcissist end of the ‘dead inside’ spectrum.

Okay… but who are the other two in the group shot? The other woman and the bald guy?

Also this has just reminded me on how all the female business-type models never seem to have ties! Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to do modelling and add a tie to Dusk. XD

You’ll just have to read the next few episodes to find out!

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