No Parking - Bonus #1

One for the forum…


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Okay I bloody LOVE this! I felt bad about mentioning it in the last comic, but now not so much because this is great. :rofl:

Also yeah Gerald is the best character for sure. :grin: And Brian and Nikos’ reaction shot is hilarious. XD

They don’t know about bodygroups :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad you enjoyed it! Don’t feel bad, this was a way of saying thanks for positive feedback. I’m not into meta jokes about GMod - NO PARKING isn’t that kind of comic - but this was a good opportunity to showcase a character. Once it popped into my head I had to do it.

And as it turns out, the whole briefcase finger pose is easily solved. Now that I’ve got a pose stored (you’d bloody hope so after that strip!) it’s a matter of mere seconds to fix. That said, I’ll leave it at the weird default ‘levitating’ pose once in a while, as a cheeky shout out.

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OK… If I had a tie, I’d straighten it now like Gerald and ask… What is a bodygroup?

Are you trying to get me to make another strip?

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I’m not really into the meta jokes about gmod either when in a comic, but this was really good! XD

If you right click on a model while holding C, and it has bodygroups you’ll see an option on the menu.

For instance G-Man’s model has the ability to remove his briefcase entirely. :slight_smile:

Yeah I hopped onto gmod just to take this screencaps I’m that much of a nerd. :laughing:

EDIT: Also if you need the briefcase just as a prop, I use this addon; Steam Workshop::Gman's briefcase

Wait, what?! You can remove the briefcase?


But also, thanks for showing me this. So much to learn…

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Indeed! I also love having the briefcase useable as a prop for animating. :grin:

Only thing is it cannot open; this HLA version uploaded to the workshop can though; Steam Workshop::GMans Briefcase [HL:A]
It looks quite different to the HL2 one however.

I have all his briefcases. >.>

That is cool! I have two future storylines planned where the case is opened, so that’s double handy! Whether you get to see inside or not is another question…

Awesome! Glad to be of help! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am always in favor of more comics :3