The long awaited main map for Metrocop.

Decent sized city map, with numerous interiors.

Always open for additional suggestions, ideas, and custom content if you see a place to add anything! (actually, I DO have a list of models and materials I’d love to add, so if you want to contribute, let me know)

Works with the Cinema gamemode.
Due to this, it will appear under the “Cinema” tab in your map list, nothing I can do about it, sorry.

Grab it directly from the Workshop!



Its Finally Official! :open_mouth:

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Great work on the map, Toom. The amount of effort put into this is truly impressive, and the quality of the brushwork… Walking through it is a learning experience for me. Thanks for this Metrocop-gift!


It still feels too blocky to me, but the size is a limiting factor :frowning:

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