Madventures "Breakfast Time" (2016)

This is a comic i made for metrocop back in 2016 before the sites big revamp, and one of the last comics i made before my ““retirement””, seeing as it’s taking me longer than expected to finish my current project i figured i’d post one of my old comics.

Without further ado, here is some old garbage i dug up out of the dumpster, please attempt to enjoy!

Edit: Split up the gigantic pages, hopefully the sites digests it better now!





I had planned for Madventures to be a series of sorts, but life got pretty busy over the next few years so it just kind of drifted off into the backround.

Though it might be time to pick it back up again soon…


Bloody hell that was a wild ride hahahahaah
That brawl must have taken a while to pose!
Came out looking amazing.
Loved the cereal names and the effects added in post for the time travel as well as the brawl disappearing.
Nicely done.

that was surprisingly fun to read. Had me entertained from start to finish. I’ll be looking forward to your next projects!

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Good ol’ adventures of Mad. Gotta love it from the start 'til the end.
The comic is very the same iconic comedy gold as I remember your comics to be, a wacky plot with twists and a hilarious end result.

Really looking forward to your new project!

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Okay I was not expecting them to be actual clowns. :laughing:

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Great stuff! Threeways are awesome just before you die (huh?) Looking forward to your next comic

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Thanks gang, i was admittedly a bit hesitant to post any of my old stuff but i’m glad people still liked it!


New or Old, comics are still comics.
It’s always nice to see people’s work,
be it for laughs, quality, or even just to see how/that they’re improving! :smiley:

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