Killer Camper

“Hunter and his on-again-off-again BFF Dixon Cox are on their way up Dixon’s cabin to enjoy their summer, however they find themselves in a situation one would see in a horror movie! can these goofballs make it out alive?”

First time posting, so I figured I’d post the comic I worked on from July Seventh to August Fourteenth last year (with the occasional break here and there) mainly inspired as I bought and played the tragically short lived Friday the 13th game.

Hope you enjoy the comic as much I enjoyed working on it :slightly_smiling_face:

Decided to upload all the strips in order instead of providing a download link, enjoy

Edit: I am putting in the download link so people can read the pages more clearly

What editing software do you use?

Well, I use Gimp for the speech bubbles and resizing
Paint to arrange the scenes together

Can you post the comic on the forums rather than providing a download link?

I tried to, but the site has a 5 image limit.
but I guess I can just make separate posts

Pretty sure I’d already changed the limit of images allowed por post. Let me know if it happens again.

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Aw man this is great! Perfect schlockiness.

Unfortunately, I can’t read the text on part 7 and forward :cry: so I don’t dare find out how this caper ends

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Thank you for the compliment
and I put in a download link into the image so you can download it and read it more easily :slight_smile:

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