Jeff Episode #123

First comic in over six years, please be gentle.

Thanks again to @Eastman for letting me do this!


Absolutely magnificent, Loved every moment of reading this.
Very dragonball z, lots of referential humor. I can’t see how this could have gone better hahaha


There’s something really gross-looking about that shiny Vort… :rofl:

Anyway, even though I’m not caught up on the series I really enjoyed reading this! The jokes are great, and the posing/editing is awesome. :smiley:

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It’s comics like these that give up and coming comic makers a reason to strive for greatness. This is the stuff that defines a niche and a form of art. The potential for GMod comic making is there to be explored, and this legendary piece of art is the magna carta of it. I personally think that it doesn’t get better than this, and I’m sure that those who see this work of art will feel inspired by it. Pick up your physguns: comics are for everyone to make and enjoy.


As you start reading this comic, I need you to take into account that Mythos’s last comic was 6 years ago, so I think we can safely put this Jeff/Dragon Ball Z homage into the “Top 10 comebacks of all time” videos.

And I don’t say this lightly, because something els that needs to be added, is that on top of the long pause
aparently there was no script. Yeah, so think about that as you scroll through.

Layout and soundeffects are S tier. I think thats the best way I can put it, because you can look at it and tell that the man had passion, and liked what he was doing.