Introduce Yourself/"Hi, I'm new!"

Read a bunch of your comics on the archive, its an honour and a pleasure!

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Sup, I’m Lambdadude im kinda new here.
been playing gmod for 3 years and been loving source related content for over 8 years now.
Also i love houndeyes.

*(why did it take me this long to introduce myself? im lazy and also i got nothing interesting to say about myself)


Didn’t know you liked houndeyes! :open_mouth:

Interesting. They disturb the heck out me

I think you’ll find they are called Peeper Puppies.

Hey everybody, I’m Mark Charest. I go by Orpheus. I got into Garry’s Mod comics around 2006 but never really got involved with PHW. In 2012 I started working on a Half-Life 2 comic called Kaden. I worked on that on-and-off through college and eventually teamed up with Mythos to release it here on Metrocop in 2018. After that I went to law school and lost almost all my free time for about four years.

These days I’m finally getting back to work on some of the projects I put on hold. Right now I’m working on three comics, including a sequel to Kaden. I’m also planning a series of tutorials to help new comic makers learn the basics of lettering, speech bubbles, sound effects, etc.

It’s good to be back. Glad to be reconnecting with old friends and meeting some new faces.


Hello and welcome to Forum17,
It’s safer here! :smiley:


Hi, I’m CJR. I used to hang around on PHW back in the old days - didn’t release much myself but joined for the comics and stayed for the community! Nice to see a good number of familiar names here…


It’s great to see you here! It’s not the same without you.


Welcome back home CJR!


Hi all! My name is Andy and I’m here because for some reason my brain decided now was a really good time to create a daft HL2 webcomic. Something I am completely new to, btw. I was a huge HL2 fan back in the day, and I enjoyed mucking about in GMod with a pal, but it’s been a while. A long while.

Anyway, I’ve submitted the comic on the Contact Form, so fingers crossed someone enjoys it. Glad to be here.

Hey, Andy! Welcome to the forums, glad to have you here and you made the right choice in making a Half-Life 2 webcomic. :slight_smile:

That said, just to clarify, you should post the comic here on the forums in the “Comics” section, not submit it through the contact form, as stated in the site FAQs.

Done and thanks! Posted in the comics section.

Hello and welcome!
Welcome to the forum!
It’s safer here :smiley:

Howdy, i’m MadRat, i used to go by the name MadmanMad.

Started with gmod back in 2006 when i was but a wee lad, made comics on the Facepunch fourms that have mostly been lost to time due to the great nuking of the site.

Been fiddling with Garry’s Mod again recently after a long absence and remembered that Metrocop was getting a refurbishment that i had completely forgotten about, so, i decided to check out what became of that and here i am!


Hello and welcome!!
You started even earlier than I did hahahah
I wasn’t til '09
Glad to have you! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Welcome, you absolute Madman!
Hopefully we’ll see some new content from you sooner or later. A shame your comics have been lost, but maybe someone has archived at least some of them?

Not sure if you’ve joined the Metrocop Discord server yet, but if not, hop on over!
People are more active there due to its convenience.


oh! Didn’t know it was THE Mad!
Holy Crap! Hi!

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Haha hey man, i’ll def be doing something at some point sooner or later!

I did not know about the discord also, i’ll come check it out at some point when i’m a little less busy!
Thanks for the heads up!