Inconvenience 4

Inconvenienced Page 4
Big Olโ€™ chonky page number four :smiley:

Fun side note, mostly remarked for posterity as I think everyone on discord already knows this;
But the font of the Vort is an actual Combine styled font
(That reads โ€œI droppa deh poopy bagโ€) :stuck_out_tongue:

Link to the next issue of Inconvenienced: Inconvenienced Issue 5

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Man those three panels with the vort does the same thing to my brain that the cat does. You really take the time to let the absurdity of it sink in. And following it up with Chrisโ€™ broken-off response always brings a good laugh. Well done, Gobo.

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What can I say?
Iโ€™m a sucker for silliness :3