In Search Of Gman

Well, tis the season and all of that. I had some free time so I quickly threw together a comic in about an hour based on an idea that could quite easily have been a screenshot. Because I love making needlessly extra work for myself when I have time off. In any case.

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I didn’t realize how much I missed those “Enjoyed? Yes? No? Comment below!” notes until now.

A great fun read as always, you never disappoint. Although I’m not sure @DuskGovernmentWoman will appreciate the intimacy…

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It’s a bit of a weakness for us bureaucrats being drawn to briefcases I have to admit…
Despite you tackling my husband, this is a great comic. :laughing:

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Yes, I enjoyed it! Love the subversion of the promising title. Stuff doesn’t have to be more than an issue long.

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And then it turned out it was Waxx all along :3

Maybe the real wax is the Waxx that waxed along the way?