Elfing Around

Posed up based on a tweet Hunter shared with me,

Tried in-game Super DOF, but was more curious than happy,

So I made the “isolate template” Mjolnir did a tutorial on, I think.

Used that to separate and make some edits.
Added a glow to her, played around with a bunch of different alterations in paint.net, settled on one called “Crystalize” that stylizes the image into random polygonal shapes.

Then added a border and got a little fancy with it.

I’m actually a little proud of this cause I had a reference pose,
attempted to recreate it, and got passably close.
Really put my RagdollMover and JointTool abilities to the test.
Good practice, had fun.
Would do again.


I like that you posted the process and a link to paint.net! It turned out quite nice too

Felt like it wouldn’t have been thread-worthy if it was just the finished product. :3