BRTD - A Baptism By Fire #1

It might not be perfect but I’m trying to get back into actually making comics after spending so much time writing out and planning the new canon. So now I’m putting it all to practice and seeing what sticks. Happy New Year.

Nice job. Great work on the lighting for the title. And I see you omitted the fire - I take it that it was hard to get a nice result? Either way, I like how you made the fire implicit in the newspaper. Shame you didn’t add the screenshot you posted in Discord - it would’ve looked great!

Oh this is cool. :o

Guessing it’s set in a alternate TF2 universe?

Shouldn’t that be “BRTD”?

Blockquote @Mythos Shouldn’t that be “BRTD”?

You’re right, that’s what I get for posting this at 3 in the morning lmao.

It was, yeah. I wanted it to work so bad but there was no way I could pull off the church burning in a convincing way. Not without the map file to make it destructible.

Yes. But this time I want to be more faithful to the source material.

Good start! There are plenty of improvements that can be made, and I’m sure you’ll go far if you keep going. You certainly started better than I have, lol.

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