Assassinate Ashley #2

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You’ve really got the visual language down with clear emphasis on characters and their comedic body language! I am a big fan of letting a single image ”tell” the action and supplementing the gaps between panels with dialogue. And in that regard the pacing’s pretty decent too.

The major issue is the use of not-speech bubbles. Some people think that speech bubbles should always be used, which is something I don’t necessarily agree with, however, if you do choose to not use speech bubbles you will have to put a large emphasis on consistency and legibility.

A red text with a thick black outline works for short phrases, like tites or special effects. It does not work very well for the eyes when reading sentences. I’d suggest going with a crisp white text (the font’s great, BadaBoom + Anime Ace = :heart:) and a minimal black outline, just to separate the text from the background.

Either way it’s fun to see you improving. Keep up the good work!


I would have suggested having a border around the images, but then you end up with the white background on my stuff here cause of the jpg conversion,
have to agree with George on the single image use, it strangely “works” here on the site.