Assassinate Ashley #1

I decided to experiment with a new format that lets me both increase the resolution and make it easier to make (by editing the panels individually instead of one big photo). I personally quite like this format, but plan to fine-tune it in the future. DM me if you want a link to the uncompressed panels.

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I’m glad you posted it like this so I can remember to make a note of it in a sticky thread later:

Please post the full comic directly on the forums rather than linking to an external site like Imgur. The images posted here will survive for as long as the forums exist; in Imgur, not necessarily so. Thank you.


In that case, is it cool if I just edited this post to add the rest of the panels here?

Edit: if you don’t mind I took the liberty to add the rest of the panels on Metrocop. When I posted last night I had no clue the forum could take multiple images.

Don’t worry about it, thanks for taking the time to put them all!

It’s a fun little comic, I look forward to #2.

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I actually tried to do the CAPTCHA when I came across it. Damn you lol

Good format and good speech bubbles. Looking forward to more.


Hahaha, that :expressionless: face, very nice touch.
These screens were fun, I look forward to when you edit stuff into full pages! :smiley:

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