Interdimensional Bureaucracy: The City

I scuffed the speech bubbles a bit on this one; apologies for that… unfortunately can’t really go back and fix 'em thanks to how I put these together, haha.

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Also because Breen’s last speech bubble is hard to read at this resolution; “You freaky bureaucrats look like you could use a getaway to the Combine spa! It’s totally not a vault built to imprison you btw…” Urgh, typo on getaway, oh well. >.<

I feel like we’re intruding on a private moment!

Don’t worry; Breen already spoiled it. :laughing:

Thankfully they didn’t have to hate it for long, given it got blowed up’t

Hahaha I love that the Elite’s the one lying on the ground. And your layout work is really something else. How do you do it? As in, what made you choose these really sharp angles and stuff?

As for the speech bubbles, I think it’s just a lil’ hard to read cuz they’re transparent. Or that the text is small. It works with the vault line, that’s something that wouldn’t want to be writ large

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Have you noticed that wherever a HL game is set, that place ends up blowing up? Black Mesa, City 17… I’m calling it now; wherever HL3 is set, that place is gonna blow up as well!

Honestly I love angular designs and the like (I mean, my art style sorta reflects that, haha); I think it’s seeping over to comic panels now. :sweat_smile:

And yeah tbh I was just trying out something new with the bubbles; I’m gonna keep experimenting with this stuff as I go along. XD