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The Rules
Please read these rules carefully and take them into account as a member of this community. Failure to comply with these rules, depending on the gravity of the infraction, could get you banned, either temporarily or indefinitely, from the Metrocop forums. So, if you want to stay, pay attention to following these rules!

Rules of conduct:
- Be friendly, respectful and accepting towards other members, regardless of rank or personal differences;
- You are free to voice your opinions and beliefs, but be conscious and mindful towards others and their own opinions;
- If others ask for opinions or advice, be constructive and helpful;
- You may use swear words in moderation, but not to insult others or be offensive;
- The forum's language is English. Please try to use proper Grammar and spelling to the best of your abilities, even if it's not your first language. Please avoid using Internet slang words such as "lol" or "lmao";
- Do not abuse forum systems, such as the Like system;
- Avoid replying to threads that have been inactive for a while.
- If you believe another member has had inappropriate conduct or broken the rules, do not start a fight with them. Contact a Mod or Admin;
- If a Mod or Admin warns you that your conduct is unacceptable, please pay attention and correct your conduct;
- You are entitled to having one personal account on this forum. If you use more than one account without permission from an Admin, any and all of your accounts are susceptible to be permanently banned;

Rules of content:
- Spam or posts purely for self-promoting or advertising purposes are forbidden;
- Graphical content (e.g. porn, graphic violence, etc.) is strictly prohibited in these forums;
- Illegal content is strictly prohibited in these forums;
- The size limit for your personal avatar is 170x200 pixels;
- Do not steal content from others and claim it as your own, both within and out of the Metrocop forums. If proof is provided that you have willingly stolen content from another member of these forums and used elsewhere, you may be permanently banned;

Other notices:
- Bans can be either temporary or permanent, depending on the gravity of infraction and/or number of infractions;
- Although not required, Mods and Admins are likely to contact you if your conduct is deemed inappropriate or unacceptable before resorting to banning;
- Mods and Admins are not required to give you justification if you are banned.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules and enjoy your stay!